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Life is tough. It can be harsh, cruel, confusing, painful, frightening and even crushing. Unless someone is very, very lucky, and they are in a tiny minority, at some point everyone will feel any, all or more of the above. And of those of us who do, many will have no-one who can help us find a path through. Over time, life events may cause our emotions to become messy, confused and even stuck.

Think of a forgotten, secret garden, hidden beneath a tangled mass of brambles and weeds. When the undergrowth is cleared the garden once more breathes and blossoms into life.

It's the same with our inner selves. When you forget to tend to your own inner self, over time it too can become lost behind tangled emotions and may even become unrecognisable to you.

Therapy is a tool designed for you to use to clear away the undergrowth, allowing your inner self to breathe and blossom once more.

It is a good idea to first go and talk to a counsellor or therapist and see if you "click" with them, and they with you.

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